Monday, February 21, 2011

Changing Spaces & A Dog Wedding

It's hard to believe that so much time has past since my last post. Although a stretch of cold, damp weather keep everyone indoors for most of January, there has been plenty of activity here at Kelly's RV Park in White Springs, FL. Deb and I have stayed busy with our work/camp duties and spending time around the campfire almost every evening. With the increase of people around the park during the winter months, there's always an activity or event taking place.

One of our undertakings a few weeks ago was moving our trusty RV Howie (House On Wheels Is Excellent) to another lot. The new lot is only two spaces away from our old one, but provides a better setting. The patio is 2 feet wider and there is no one parked on the South side, which provides us with a nice view of trees and grass. The other advantage to the location is that there will more more shade from the trees as the sun gets higher and hotter during the coming months.

A lesson learned during the move is that a motor home needs to have the batteries charged and the motor run on a regular basis if it sits in one place for an extended period of time. I already knew that, but became complacent about completing those tasks for too many months. Howie ran and sounded good once the engine was started, but needed a battery charge and a jump to gets things going. Note to self, charge the batteries and run the engine on a regular basis from now on.

One of the most unique events to take place here over the past few weeks was the marriage of our dog Quincy to Daisy Mae, the dog of our neighbors Judy and Al. Since Daisy Mae arrived here from Canada for a winter stay, Quincy and her have been madly in love. Every time they are together, they roll around and constantly kiss like two lovesick teenagers. 

The ceremony took place on a beautiful Valentine's Day afternoon. As you can see from the above pictures, the bride and groom were all decked out for the event and were showered by gifts of numerous dog treats. About 15 people and 6 dogs were present to witness and celebrate the blessed union and all in attendance had a great time. Although the event was unique to say the least, it provided a great afternoon of entertainment. With over 50 dogs residing in the park right now, any event that includes dogs is always a big hit with their human owners.

The warmer temperatures over the past two weeks has also brought a flurry of repairs and improvements to many of the RV around the park. One of the great benefits of living in an RV park is the number of people who have the time, tools and expertise to undertake almost any repair task. So far, the local crew has stayed busy rebuilding a complete set of brakes, replacing and/or repairing over four awnings and patching a broken holding tank. It's a blessing to be surrounded with so many people who so freely give of their time and talents. The amount of money saved on these projects is thousands of dollars when compared to the same repairs being completed at an RV repair shop.

Until next time, we hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather.

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