Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's hard to believe how the time has passed so quickly since my last post. I hate going so long without providing even small updates, but it's been a very busy month here at Kelly's RV Park in White Springs, FL. Between working, taking a short trip back to Greenville, SC for the family Christmas gathering and doing the usual holiday things, we have had little time to do anything else.

The park is looking very festive these days. Along with our old, trusty RV Howie (House on Wheels is Excellent), most of the other RV's here are adorned with lights, wreaths and other decorations. It's been nice to see the lights around the park while spending time around the campfire ring. The other decorations we are seeing is holiday sweaters on dogs, including Quincy. We now have 51 dogs in the park and most of them are usually wearing sweaters. I'll admit, it's been cold here for several weeks with temps. below freezing many nights. But I still have to wonder about the need for a dog to wear a sweater; especially in Florida. I've mentioned this to Deb several times and the usual response is that it's "because he looks so adorable". Ok, I'll accept that, but I still say there's something wrong about a male dog wearing a sweater in Florida. So much for owning a masculine, protective animal. I guess he can just scare away all threats with his cuteness.

Last Thursday through Sunday, we returned to Greenville for a very nice gathering with the family. Quincy went with us, was very good the whole time, and ended up being very spoiled by my father who snuck him pieces of cheese. Because gas is currently $3 per gallon in this area, we decided to give Howie a rest and rented a car for the journey. While we were there we indulged in another great meal from Bucky's Bar-B-Que and, once again, bask in the pleasure of cooking the meal for the gathering in a full-size kitchen. We love Howie, but cooking in an RV kitchen can prove to be limiting at best.

One of the strange things about the trip is that we both felt as if we had never left the area last May. It was like returning home in many ways. One year ago we were parked at the Flower Mill RV Park in Taylors, SC for a 5 month stay. It's hard to believe that our lives have changed so much since we were there. Where did the time go? We both feel very blessed that since leaving Taylors we have found a place that has brought us so much joy and so many true friends. It's the best Christmas present we could have hoped for this year!

For the rest of the week we plan to continue enjoying the holiday spirit around the park and enjoying the nightly campfires while sharing time with friends. There is a cookie exchange today that Deb is attending and, on Christmas Day, we will be taking part in a huge meal in the clubhouse. We hope that everyone has an equally enjoyable week and is blessed with the joys of the season.

The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.

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Photos by Deb
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