Friday, July 29, 2011

Farewell Howie

It is bittersweet to report that our old, trusty RV Howie (House On Wheels Is Excellent) has moved on down the road with a new owner. After two months of first prepping for the sale and then placing him on the market, we had a buyer show up yesterday that closed the deal within three hours. Although we are glad to have the deal done, it was sad to see him go.

For two years Howie was more than just a recreational vehicle to us. He was our home and a good machine that safely transported us through many incredible travels. He provided warmth in the winter, cool air in the summers, fabulous meals throughout the country, grand vistas as we drove through mountain passes and low-country deltas, the opportunities to see and visit places we had never been before, the blessing of spending time with family and the chance to make many new friends. He gave us deep, rich memories that will be with us for a lifetime.

Merrian-Webster's dictionary defines the word farewell as "a wish of well-being at parting." That is exactly how we feel right now. Goodbye Howie. Have good travels ahead and thank you for everything old friend.

copyright 2009-2011 Lane A Geyer
photos by Deb

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  1. Ouch! :( It’s so sad that you have to sell your RV/home. I can feel the depression caused by Howie’s absence. Well, the good thing is that he is still in good hands. There’s nothing to worry about because someone is still taking care of the loved RV. You’ve all made good memories with him and now, it’s time for those who have him, to make their own unforgettable memories.

    Tia Oshields